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The Link between Sunlight and Great Intercourse
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There are all sorts of things going on in your body that can affect how great or not so great your sex life is. One of the factors that people often forget to consider is whether they are getting enough sunlight. Most people know that exercising and eating right can have some sort of effect on their love life, but they may not realize that staying indoors all the time hurts their sex life too.

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Sunlight is directly responsible for regulating melanin levels in the body. This hormone can help you sleep and it can affect sexual desire. If you have too much of the hormone, then your sexual desire will decrease, so the longer you stay indoors, the less likely your urges for sex are to be strong.

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By getting outside and enjoying the sunlight, your melanin levels can be kept in check, and your hormones will be under control, allowing your normal sexual urges to continue as they should. If you feel like you arenít attracted to your partner or that sex just isnít as interesting for you as it used to be, the problem could be the amount of sunlight you are getting.

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This is even more important during the winter months, when there is less sunlight around and you are more likely to stay indoors. If you want to keep that spark going, then it needs to be ignited with powerful, natural sunlight on a regular basis.†Spanish Fly LOVE is a really powerful herbal drug that you can use for mind-blowing sex. Itís universal, designed for both men and women. But have you heard about its SPECIAL POWER? Find out more at†



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